Katformer is a platformer game built in Unity. Right now the game can be played on the computer
and will eventually be ported to Android and Iphone. Katformer is going to be a mobile game with
multiple levels. The alpha version available now has 5 playable levels.
This game will have many different types of
microtransactions. All proceeds from microtransactions would go directly to local no kill animal
shelters to help with the cost of taking care of animals that are waiting for their forever home.
This game would feature a new animal every week. This animal would be an animal up for
adoption at the local shelter. I want to feature different animals in hopes that it would get them
adopted.I aim to raise money for local animal shelters, and raise adoption rates. I also aim to
create awareness about the large amounts of animals currently in shelters.

This game would be playable on all mobile devices and tablets. The game would be free to
play and available through the google play store as well as itunes store. The game does not
have a target audience. This game can be played by children and adults. It is meant to be a
casual platformer.

To promote the game i would use mobile ads. An example of
one of the ads is on the left I would build a website for the
game and also create web ads to promote the game. I could
also create posters, flyers and other marketing material.

Once the game has the features that i had mentioned earlier it would have to be tested by
users. User testing could be done at the local animal shelter or even a school. I would test to
see if the user is feeling empathy for the main character and also make sure that the game is
fun playable. I would use surveys and questionnaires to measure the results of user testing.
The game would have to be maintained often to fix bugs and add new levels and items for the
user to buy in the game.
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